About us

 Hello, my name is Roxana and I am the founder of The Parenting Zone. I work as a qualified Mathematics Teacher in London.  I have decided to start this blog to share my experience of working at in Secondary schools. During my interactions with the parents, I was constantly asked to provide advice and guidance on parenting for the children that I was teaching and I enjoyed very much doing so.

While training as a teacher I have experimented extensively in the classroom, I conducted research and read many books about child psychology and development. That was when I acquired a specific set of skills and techniques, which I perfected in the classroom environment in one of the toughest schools in East London.

 After gaining experience and knowledge about child psychology and how the teenage mind I decide to share it with you.
This blog’s aims to provide guidance and advice for parents around the world and support in the parenting process. This is to make your life easier one step at a time.
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