11 Ways To Spot A Toxic Parent

When we are used to our alive sometimes we don’t you realize If we are surrounded by toxic people. These people came stop us from achieving our goals and make our dreams come true. Unfortunately, some of those Toxic people sometimes are our own parents.


  1. They don’t acknowledge your achievements

Remember to know how nice it feels when you work hard for something and then you get a prize or a medal or you just achieve your goals? A great parent would encourage you and congratulate you and be very happy for you when you get there. Toxic parents and going to that. They are jealous of your achievements and threatened by your success. They start feeling inferior and they do what they do best and try to put you down for that or even just ignore your achievement. That is abnormal because your parents are not your competition.


  1. Toxic Parents Constantly Criticize You

People who feel powerless try to get their power back by bossing you around and telling you how to do things. That’s what toxic parents do. They constantly criticize you because they feel inferior and threatened by your achievements and your success. This is there a way to prove to you that they are more knowledgeable and you still have things to learn from them.


  1. They Have Bad Habits

My bad habits I mean they can be smokers, gamblers, alcoholics, always angry, unorganized. Any of these bad habits isn’t a bad influence on any child. Parents should be role models and. You’re not going to learn that smoking is a bad habit when they tell you not to do it but then they do it when they think you’re not watching. The only thing that you are going to learn from that is that parenting means saying one thing and then doing another.


  1. They Are Full Of Excuses

These parents are not proud of their job and not proud of where they are in life and they constantly find excuses to justify. They didn’t graduate high school because their teacher English teacher was not good. They got fired because their boss was picking on them. They are overweight because they don’t have time to cook and can’t afford the gym. They are full of debt because they can’t afford to buy everything they need, so they have to borrow money. They are single because they didn’t have any luck in love. They are poor because they were not born in a privileged family. Growing up in a family with the minds like this does not give you many chances to become successful. In the situation, you have to step outside your family’s mindset and start and rebuilding your belief system.


  1. Toxic Parents Are Always Serious And Angry

You soon have to feel bad about seeing your parents because they’re always angry. You shouldn’t have to be worried that if you bring the friend home, your mum or your dad will not be nice to them. You shouldn’t be worried that if you dropped a plate and you broke it your mums is gone started shouting at you.


  1.  Toxic Parents Use Guilt And Money To Control You

These parents have only one goal in mind and that is for that is for you to do whatever they want. Maybe you like painting but that doesn’t matter, because they wanted you to become an engineer and they expected you to drop every other passion you have.

If they don’t like your boyfriend and girlfriend, regardless of how much you care about them, they expect you to break up with them.

These kinds of parents would buy you a flat just so you can live in the same city where they are, regardless where YOU want to live. I have made this kind of parents and they can cause a lot of suffering from their irrational decisions.


  1. They Always Put Themselves First

You shouldn’t have tattoos to studying the same city as your parents because they cannot take care of themselves. You shouldn’t have to get home at 10 pm just to make sure that they don’t feel lonely before going to bed. Some parents treat children as adults and expect them to take too much responsibility. They deprive their children of their childhood and have unrealistic expectations. Saw what easy your parents got a divorce? You shouldn’t have to be the one taking care of your mum or your dad because of that.


  1. Toxic Parents Constantly Compare You To Other Siblings

Ok, so maybe your sister or your brother is better than you at math, doesn’t mean they’re smarter than you overall and they are a better child. Parents should have the emotional intelligence to understand that every child is different than they have different passion and set of skills to work. But they don’t give you the opportunity to find out for yourself why you’re really good at. They put you down if you don’t something and they make you feel like you never want to try again.


  1. Toxic Parents Have No Boundaries

These friends will still tell you what to wear when you’re 30 and still criticise your clothes and haircut and your flat. They constantly offer unsolicited advice about the job, your partner, and your friends. They can call your boss and asked for a raise or have a conversation with your partner about your private issues. They are overprotective and that actually has a very negative impact on your self-esteem.


  1. Toxic Parents Rely On You Too Much

These are the parents that have managed become dependent on. There are retired but they don’t make enough money to support themselves, so you have to help. There might call you to ask you for money every time they want to buy something (not cheap). They need your help to buy a ticket online to go on holiday. They needed to take care of them but whenever you go and spend time with them, they’re always angry and constantly arguing with you about everything.

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